This on-line support is intended to help public policy-makers, regulators and standards developers understand how ISO’s International Standards can be used to support policy initiatives.

This may include referencing International Standards in legislation or regulation, as well as using them to support other kinds of public policy decisions or actions (such as in public procurement, incentive systems, or awareness campaigns).

ISO’s International Standards are voluntary. They do not seek to establish, drive or motivate public policy, regulations, or social or political agendas, but they can certainly provide valuable support to the implementation of public policy – The resources and examples brought together on this website are designed to show you how.

There are three sections to this on-line support:

  1. Resources and documents that provide background information;
  2. Examples of national or regional policies on the use of standards to support public policy, and
  3. Examples of ISO standards supporting public policy in different sectors, at the international level.
This document provides a framework on how International Standards can support policymakers and regulators in preparing, adopting and applying policy, and in particular, technical regulations (TRs).
Describes the advantages and benefits of using ISO and IEC International Standards to support policy initiatives, including referencing International Standards in legislation or regulation.